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In the Forms section, click Form Design.

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You now know the basic steps to add VBA code to your database. You can also use the VBA code to integrate your access with other programs too. For more information about how to build macros, see the section Understand macros. In addition, you can embed a macro directly into the event property of an object or control. To perform programming tasks in a Web database, use Access macros instead. You should base your decision to use either macros or VBA code on two concerns: security and the functionality that you want. When you are working in the Visual Basic Editor, you can click keywords and press F1 to start Access Developer Help and learn more about each keyword. This is an optional step, and this name is not displayed on the command button. You can also convert global macros that are not attached to a specific form or report. If you're going to make use of Tips in any of your professional or. To be able to recognize a value, the top section of a column of the spreadsheet displays a label, called a caption.

You create a macro by using the Macro Builder, which is shown in the following illustration. To view and edit the VBA code: While the form or report is still open in Design view, if the property sheet is not already displayed, press F4 to display it.

Modules are composed of functions and subs procedures which perform the tasks you define. On the first page of the wizard, click each category in the Categories list to see which actions the wizard can program the command button to perform.

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On the Event tab of the property sheet, click the event property box with which you want to associate the function. By clicking File, you can access menu items to save or open one: To return to the previous window, you can click the Back button.

When you use a database that was created by someone other than yourself, you should enable VBA code only if you know the database comes from a trustworthy source.

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If you want to prepare the form to receive other objects, this is referred to as design. If the report is currently closed or it displays in another view, you can switch the view using the same techniques applied to a form.

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Better Microsoft Access VBA Code: 17 Steps