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According to Markopolos, anyone who understood the underlying markets would have known they were too volatile for this to be possible. He believes Madoff's more financially astute clients — feeder funds and hedge funds — chose not to look too closely.

Among other things, the new rules encourage registered investment advisers to place their clients' assets in the custody of an independent firm, unlike Bernard Madoff did.

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He not only feared the power Madoff's brother, Peter, had in that organization he is a former Vice Chairman , but also feared that Madoff may have had associations with Russian and South American organized crime. He's a guy who can't afford not to be in prison," he said. Improving Internal Controls: The examination program and Enforcement Division each have implemented a quarterly review program to help ensure that important issues are resolved in a thorough and timely manner and that no examination or investigation falls through the cracks. While in Europe, Markopolos found that 14 different funds, at various firms, were invested with Madoff. This submission also passed without action from the SEC. The report caused the company's stock to drop The report — prepared by an accountant registered and inspected by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board — among other things, must describe the controls that are in place to protect the assets, the tests performed on the controls, and the results of those tests. Gary Ackerman D-NY that he had never been compensated for his efforts. Finally, the agency created a new Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation that is providing expertise to examiners and the policy divisions in risk assessment, financial products, and financial engineering.

OMI also serves a strategic function, harvesting data to identify newly-emerging schemes and trends in securities fraud. Michael Ocrant, editor-in-chief of MARHedgejoined the effort when Casey surprised him with information that Madoff, whom Ocrant only knew to be one of the largest market makers on NASDAQ and one of the largest brokers on the New York Stock Exchangeactually ran a secretive multi-billion dollar hedge fund, directly managing investors' money.

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Markopolos met with Garrity during , and said that while Garrity realized almost immediately that Madoff was violating the law, he could not take any action because Madoff wasn't based in New England. They have an important role that must be performed with skill and integrity. And the risk-return ratios had never been seen in human recorded history. He also offered to let the SEC send him to Madoff's headquarters undercover, obtain the trading tickets, and compare them with the Options Price Reporting Authority tape. Under the proposals: Audit Enhancements: A broker-dealer that maintains custody of customer securities and cash would be required to undergo a compliance examination — by a Public Company Accounting Oversight Board-registered public accounting firm — that would include an audit of the controls the broker-dealer has in place to protect customer assets. At funerals, he would put his arm round the grieving widow and say 'I'll take care of you' and of course he did, he'd wipe her out," says Markopolos. The report caused the company's stock to drop Markopolos says: "I'm coming in saying there's a hedge fund you've never heard of that's six to 10 times larger than anything you know that exists and by the way, it's corrupt, it's secretive and it's run by someone you already know, Bernie Madoff. Williams of the United States Postal Service was brought in to conduct an independent outside review.

Proposed revisions to Form ADV and the creation of Form PF will increase the amount of information available for use by the agency in conducting risk assessment. The New York Regional Office, for example, has adopted a protocol that integrates examination teams for firms that are registered as broker-dealers and investment advisers to make sure staff with the right skill sets are assigned to examinations.

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Finally, selected regional offices have fully integrated their broker-dealer and investment adviser examination units to provide seamless oversight of firms offering both brokerage and investment advisory services. He approached the securities and exchange commission SEC as early as What will people do to protect their lifestyles? Subsequently, she left the agency. Third Party Reviews: Under the new custody rules, registered investment advisers whose client assets are not maintained with independent firms must obtain a third-party written report assessing the safeguards that protect the clients' assets. These agreements provide that insiders who offer truthful evidence and agree to cooperate and testify will be eligible for a possible reduction in sanctions. He likened Madoff's purported returns to a baseball player batting. During that time, Madoff reported only four losing months, an implausible scenario that Markopolos said could only be achieved by fraud. Markopolos noted that during his tenure at Rampart, he traded with some of the biggest derivatives companies in the world, and none of them dealt with Madoff, because they didn't think his numbers were real. His analysis was based on more than 14 years of Madoff return numbers.

However, the SEC took no action.

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The man who blew the whistle on Bernard Madoff