Wco world customs organization

The WCO is the only international body dedicated exclusively to international customs and border control matters. It comprises about 5, commodity groups, each identified by a six digit code arranged in a legal and logical structure with well-defined rules to achieve uniform classification.

This article was most recently revised and updated by Brian Duignan. The organization developed and administered the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, an international standard classification system for commodities.

The Secretariat comprises over international officials, technical experts and support staff of some nationalities. The HS multipurpose goods nomenclature is used as the basis for customs tariffs and for the compilation of international trade statistics.

In a study group of the Committee for European Economic Cooperation, a precursor of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation OEECcreated a customs committee to study the possibility of creating one or more inter-European customs unions.

It promotes trade facilitation and effective controls through its legal provisions that detail the application of simple yet efficient procedures and also contains new and obligatory rules for its application.

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Fact Sheet: World Customs Organization