Todayss media is a responsible one

On the other hand users should be responsible on using media like for example applying the different netiquettes and also the user knows how to disseminate information.

media responsibility to society

The media has a responsibility to inform and educate the people through the various channels available such as radio, magazines, newspaper, television and the Internet.

It informs, influences, and entertains us. Too many people try to lay the blame of their actions on someone or something else.

why should the media be responsible

When someone becomes upset and feels like turning to violence they should try several activities to calm down. Media today consists of television, Internet, cinema, newspapers, radio, magazines, direct mail, fax, and the telephone.

Todayss media is a responsible one

Movies, another form of mass media, today may show violence in one form or another. Where to get help The Bigger Picture Social media has been woven into the fabric of our daily lives. And also, it gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves on how to be a responsible media and information user. It can cause cyber bullying in social media that we usually encountered. Media of today is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of society. Without media, we will never be updated on the day-today events that is happening in our surrounding. The power of media lies in the hands of its users, thus are responsible for the effects of what they do or are about to do. Too many people try to lay the blame of their actions on someone or something else. They report about various aspects of life, form and affect public opinion. Most people can control their actions and refrain from violent acts. Actually, it is a combination of many varied internal and external forces. In detecting biases in media, look for the sources if it involves political perspectives. In recent scams from commonwealth to 2G, exposed thanks to television and print media, media acted as a catalyst to government action compelling government to swing into action including suspending ministers and putting ministers into jail. Aug 22, Biased information tries to change your mind so as an individual we must not believe immediately.

Staff and mentors are encouraged to set expectations and policies around social media at the onset of the relationship—before such lapses and requests. Some theorists state that it is the collapse of the family unit, while others say it is violence in the media or the environment in which a child is raised.

media responsibility ppt

When people sit down and talk to someone about their feelings, often the tendency to become violent lessens.

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Social Media/Media Literacy: Responsible Use