The syrian conflict essay

The Syrian Civil War has been waging for over half a decade, and has gradually diminished into a war of attrition.

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The reason becomes apparent when one takes a greater look at America 's demographic. Furthermore, even before the war, human rights such as those of free expression, etc were controlled by the government.

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In April of the same year the Syrian Army was ordered to open fire against the protestors. The real question is, can it end.

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These people are considered refugees. Democracy is characterized by the connection between the government and its people in terms of input like the ideas and interests of the people, and output such as laws and policy The resolution of the Syrian conflict is an international obligation, therefore, the intervention of the US administration in Syria consists with the principle of R2P.

The syrian conflict essay

The unrest in Syria has been going on for three years now, over a hundred thousand lives have been lost and millions have been forced to flee from the country to become refugees in neighboring States The peaceful protests of the rebel forces were answered with a brutal response from the government. Instead, dozens were killed again. With more than 11 million homeless Syrians comes consequences beyond what most of the world population has ever experienced or anticipated. To further enhance the definition, it can be seen that war must include two or more states or non-state actors and a substantial amount of deaths must occur to define war. Conclusions; 5. One major example is Syria, and their civil war that is going on between Assad dynasty and the rebels
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