Teaching is not a profession yes or no

Members of real professions don't go on strike. When politicians demand greater accountability from the schools and introduce measures such as provincial examinations, they usually speak in terms of ensuring that the taxpayers are getting quality schooling for their money. Like Ozga, Lockhart concludes that: It is apparent that the occupation of school-teaching is undergoing a crisis that threatens the integrity of one of the most all-encompassing public service institutions in the nation.

There are many different requirements for teacher certification throughout the fifty states, but the common link is a higher education degree.

teaching profession definition by authors

Because teacher preparatory programs, textbooks, and journals still attempt to interpret occupational trends in terms of a list of what are presumed to be professional characteristics, educators are often duped into accepting "reforms" which increase the appearance of professionalism while in reality eroding the few prerogatives Canadian teachers have traditionally enjoyed.

First, each worker is specialized and so more efficient at that one job. The belief that almost any occupation could undergo professionalization had tremendous popular appeal in the s because it reflected the generally-held values of progress, rationality, science, specialized expertise, and above all, the desire for money and status.

I think you see the point.

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Is Teaching A Profession?