Sop renewable energy engineering

Your excellent department, your computer facilities are among the best in the world. Also it is my aspiration to utilize the knowledge I will acquire in this MSc studies to improve the energy sector of my country Ghana due to increasing energy problems facing this country and the government initiative to look for new sustainable energy to augment the ever increasing demand and meet the current energy deficit.

energy management statement of purpose

I was among the top ten position holders in my higher secondary board exam in pre-engineering group. My logo was shortlisted in the final three and was chosen to be the welcome image for the inaugural REC conference.

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I have seen wind and solar energy being utilized only in small pockets in my country due to lack of technical knowledge. The financing of renewable energy such as offshore wind, however, is not enough.

I was the best player and captain of our college basketball team and represented my college in different national tournaments.

Sop renewable energy engineering

I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution and I look forward to a positive reply. I was able to channel my interest and knowledge in my final year project, where I designed a model prototype of 'a solar powered electric vehicle for people with special needs'. By applying to the MSc in Renewable energy, I am aiming to enhance my knowledge of renewable energy systems, renewable energy policy, and energy efficiency. With this I can not only serve the industrial side of my nation but can also start such field in academia sector so that the youth of the nation starts learning it from the time of their education and understand its need and importance within the country. In an SOP for Energy Management Study, a candidate needs to write his exceptional qualities which nobody else has or how the admission of the candidate will benefit the college. Yet, these available opportunities for solar, wind, and environmentally-benign hydro-power resources as well as existing energy saving potentials have not been used so far. In the past; I had the opportunity of work in multinational environment and the work results have shown that I can be equally productive and creative working as a part of a team or individually on a project as I am able to perform several tasks at once. Due to my social and flexible nature I enjoy a very diverse circle of friends. Throughout the whole essay, you write very professionally. I won second prize for my paper presentation on 'an advanced geothermal energy system' in an inter-college technical symposium during my third year of college.

Later during my adolescent years, I found out that I had a strong inner passion for mathematics and physics. So, you use a lot of text to give a small amount of info.

During my field work I faced many issues regarding sustainable energy and felt that I need advance knowledge for improving capacity and quality of renewable energy systems.

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Sop for Ms. Renewable Energy Research Paper