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Please sign your name to object the false of the company at the email address below if you don't want to suffer damage.

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The damages Sony Suffered as a consequence of this particular outage are immense; this is particularly the case should one take into consideration the resulting compensation to users, the outcome of the various legal suits brought against the company, the costs associated with the release of security patches and other fixes, fines, loss of revenues during the outage period, loss of goodwill, etc.

In this, web-sites, social networking sites, etc.

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The White House is treating the attack as a "serious national security matter," and President Obama's National Security Council is weighing its response. According to the cybersecurity firm, "The stolen Sony certificates which were also leaked by the attackers can be used to sign other malicious samples. It's an upward battle. The program according to Yin-Poole was "designed to reward customers affected by the outage. What lessons can we learn from the Sony leak scandal and the associated release of The Interview? And what we have done so far is only a small part of our further plan. It's personal Lamentably for Sony Pictures, the situation has now taken a turn for the worse. Security measures are taken to prevent theft of data, assets, desktops, servers and even humans.

In that regard, therefore, the need to have in place effective and adequate protection measures to protect the private information of clients cannot be overstated. On April 22ndthe company requested its customers for more time -- "a full day or two" -- to investigate the extent of the outage and hence get the service running again Williams Were adequate changes put into place since then?

It's likely that even if the company had completely capitulated, the data would have been eventually released anyway - potentially after being used as blackmail for another later demand.

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InSony suffered a major breach of its Playstation network. As of April,there were "no verifiable reports of any account holders having actual hard cash stolen or IDs hijacked" Dutton, It would be difficult to in this case come up with the exact cost of the debacle.

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With the help of the FBI and Mandiant , a security firm Sony recently hired, the company's trying get to the bottom of this and find the people responsible for it immediately, and to get its internal systems back to normal -- or as close to it as possible. It hasn't stopped the flood of media reports citing the stolen data. On April 22nd , the company requested its customers for more time -- "a full day or two" -- to investigate the extent of the outage and hence get the service running again Williams Was human error a factor? In fact, for many years, a large percentage of new viruses were undetectable by anti-virus software until cybersecurity companies found them propagating and damaging computers, and subsequently created signatures to detect them. Before answering, keep in mind that American agents may have also created and spread malware onto commercial computer systems and networks for intelligence gathering purposes. To the hackers, Sony may have been a perfectly legitimate target. Near hysteric articles began to appear in the press — portraying the breach as heralding a new generation of super-sophisticated attacks that could cripple any major corporation and harm its employees if they both did not succumb to the wishes of criminals. Most gamers, as the president of DFC Intelligence observes, do not "really hold a grudge against Sony" for this unfortunate intrusion incident Dutton, If you don't, not only you but your family will be in danger. Data belonging to another firm may also have been inappropriately stored on Sony computers. Sony itself canceled the theatrical release of the film - though it was still released digitally and in limited independent locations. Lesson: Sophisticated attackers can inflict serious harm if you are not proactively vigilant with information security. The damage of this data breach directly led to Sony significantly improving their cyber-security measures to prevent further attacks, but the damage was done. Update by Dana Wollman and Ben Gilbert.

If this is true, then it indicates that this data heist was planned well in advance.

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North Korea’s Sony Pictures hack showed it’s hard to respond to breaches intended to humiliate.