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Among other things, social network analyses are now applied to political, professional, military, and other closely attended subject matters.

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Two prominent investigators, Lynn Margulis and, more fully, Leo Buss [19] have developed a view of the evolved life structure as exhibiting tiered levels of dynamic aggregation of life units. That is, the expanding universe is a sustained process which as it proceeds yields changes of state which do not appear, over the universe as a whole, to be reversible.

In thermodynamic terminology, human economic activity as well as the activity of the human life units which make it up may be described as a dissipative systemwhich flourishes by consuming free energy in transformations and exchange of resources, goods, and services.

rs theory

Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Multicellular organisms have over evolutionary time developed correlated activities forming what we term social groups. In solids both angles and distances are circumscribed.

In terms which unite non-equilibrium thermodynamics language and relational analyses language, patterns of processes arise and are evident as ordered, dynamic relational regimes.

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These examples are only a few of the sorts of relational regimes which can be identified, made notable by their relative simplicity and ubiquity in the universe.

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Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner)