Research on only children and their

What advice would you provide for me [ The next day I faced the full force of her fury.

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They also looked at brain scans to see if there were any structural differences. Not that, of course, all only children are over-protected.

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On the behavioral tests, only children displayed no differences in terms of IQ, but higher levels of flexibility—one measure of creativity—and lower levels of agreeableness than kids with siblings. As in not an only child. Now I feel light years better about it. But the truth was, at the age of seven, I desperately wanted a brother David Robert was the name I would have [ Conflict is a normal part of a relationship because we are individuals with different experiences, expectations, hopes and fears.

Is this part of the only-child syndrome?

Research on only children and their

However, recent studies do not support these claims, and show no significant differences in personality between only children and children in larger families. Siblings like parents, mirror you and teach you things about yourself. Being able to read the stories of other onlies further helps me to understand my feelings and not feel alone in my struggles. Other research that looked into brain-structure found onlies show increases in grey matter linked with creativity and imagination but less matter than average linked with emotional regulation. I only had time to skim through a couple of your stories in the research section and the first two I read definitely stood out to me. His parents are still together btw, no separation there I am an oldest child of eight kids. Only children never had hand-me-downs or learned to share, we say. Without her doing this, or in other words with me having a brother or a sister, I think my life and hers would have been limited in so many ways.

In the supramarginal gyrus, a cortical area associated with creativity and imagination, researchers found more gray matter linked to intelligence among only children. Creative genius or budding misanthrope? If you like crime fiction this definitely will appeal.

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