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Finally, our ing the seed of cabbage Brassica oleracea L. First genera- spraying of peas and brussels sprouts: bioassays for tion of cabbage root fly egg laying peaked 2nd—4th determining buffer zones. Since glucose is essential for life, the theory was that if glucose was used on the radish seeds, the germination process The radish extract can be used as pesticide.

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Then the researchers extracted it by using a clean strainer, strained and acquired the juice of the radish. Ans : Nearly 30 years ago, W. Words: - Pages: 3 Pesticide Despite that approximately 1 day for a female to enter the all insecticide treatments in the OSR took place dur- experimental field from the large potential fly ing development of the 1st sowing radishes, there source of the 4 ha field of winter OSR in southwest. Hypothesis Alternative — The pesticide that was made from the radish extract will work. This research aimed at studying the kinetics of reduction of pesticide residues in four kinds of vegetables: coriander, kale, yard long bean and red chili by using the ultrasonic cleaner 60 kHz W with tap water compared with soaking in tap water. As a result, there has been an increase in the pesticide residue found in water bodies Macfarlane, Hypotheses 1. It was developed from a live plant that grows in the cooler region of Asia. Radishes were probably native to China.

The Court, subject to and in conformity with Commonly, most people believe pesticides are used to refer to insecticides but this term is used to refer to a broad range of repellents. The seeding rate was adjusted to give ca.

radish as insect repellent

Based on the data gathered it revealed that radish extract can be used as pesticide and is effective in killing certain pests.

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Pesticide from Radish Extract