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He was specially averse to cats. Do you know how to swim? What was recalled hy the narrator at Magna Charta Island? George and the narrator gave him the stove and the frying pan for the purpose. She tried to keep her child and herself alive on six shillings a week, which was almost impossible.

After a long time, they passed the half of penny on the ground. He even tried to persuade his friends to go and have a swim. There they were served hot bacon for supper.

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They apprehend to be ill. Then they decide to go out for a holiday.

Three men in a boat chapter 11

The boat started from Oxford upon the homeward journey. George and Harris started relaxing which hurt Jerome as he thought to supervise the packing. Montmorency is not portrayed as a mere dog. Reception[ edit ] One might have imagined … that the British Empire was in danger. But the narrator was sure that he suffered from the ailment of liver. Under what circumstances was George told to play a comic song? The branch of the tree gave way and the narrator fell down into the cold water. Harris sobbed and the dog howled.

The blow sent them sprawling on their backs. They conclude that they are all suffering from "overwork", and need a holiday. Whenever he gets early he feels very irritable. The stream-launches were going up in large number.

Once he had a very bad experience of getting up early at Mrs Gippings.

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Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 English Novel Three Men In a Boat Chapter 2