Prostitution debate essay

He routinely raped and beat her into submission, then monetized her body. In a five-country survey, over 90 per cent said they wanted to escape prostitution immediately.

Although prostitution is illegal in most part of the world, the number of sex workers is increasing gradually It is legal in some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany. All have bills to pay and all have real jobs.

They are trapped by financial security, empty acceptance, and sometimes pure fear. However, prostitution is in most part of the United States, despite the fact that it has been legalized. Prostitution has been in existence for ages, going back to the Byzantine, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian Empires.

Richard Lotspeich November 14, Abstract This paper will examine the current status of prostitution as an illegal act and the market it generates; then show what effect legalizing prostitution would have on the prostitution market.

The whole subject of prostitution is full of ambiguities and hypocrisies; we generally think of the transfer of money as the element that makes prostitution a crime although money plays a subtle part in all sorts of sexual relationships.

Despite of being regarded as a bad industry, prostitution is a billion-dollar industry throughout the world. However, countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada legally accept money for sex.

Prostitutes suffer from the labels imposed upon them. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of the safety of the man or woman selling their body for financial gain.

legalizing prostitution essay outline

Whereas some are convinced that it should be legalized, others maintain that it should remain illegal.

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Legalizing Prostitution Essay