Professional writing and editing degree programs

Professional writing and editing enables students to understand how their capabilities translate in the contemporary workplace.

Available to all new undergraduates.

professional writing and editing courses online

At Swinburne, we provide opportunities for you to build your own professional networks. Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing This concentration in the graduate certificate in professional writing and editing may be pursued concurrently with any of several programs in English and elsewhere.

Students pursuing the certificate in professional and writing and editing with a concentration in professional and technical writing must complete 18 credits of English graduate courses with a minimum grade of 3.

editing and publishing courses online

Students pursuing this graduate certificate must choose either a concentration in professional and technical writing or a concentration in science communication. See for yourself. Aziza Studying professional writing and editing Professional writing and editing courses Loading courses The Swinburne Advantage.

professional writing and editing degree programs
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Online Professional Writing and Editing Certificate Course