Literary devices in the road not taken

assonance in the road not taken

Poets create meaning, and evoke emotion through their words, devices allow readers to gain understanding of and appreciation for their works He considers it a very tricky poem. The tone of the poem is gloomy because the traveler laments the possibilities that the necessity of making a choice leaves unfulfilled, as we can see from the words used in the poem such as "sorry" and "sigh.

Similarly, the narrator faces a situation during his travel. The above example is also an anapest.

hyperbole in the road not taken

He ended up dropping out after two years due to health concerns, never earning a formal degree Stanza: A stanza is a poetic form of a fixed number of lines. He finds two roads at a point where he has to choose one and must abide by his choice.

Literary devices in the road not taken
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The Road Not Taken Analysis