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From the control tent, Cristian, Oscar, and Lorenzo monitored Stinky's descent on their videoscreens.

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He was proud of his robot, but he could see that it looked like a Geo Metro compared with the Lexuses and BMWs around the pool. Kolinsky offers to help teaching him about the BASIC programming language, to implement the robot's intelligence module. In large part, it was her. Since the teenagers are undocumented, they don't qualify for federal loans. To move smoothly, two drivers had to coordinate their commands. Being faced with challenges helps a person grow and prosper in a better way. Eventually, Senator Dick Durbin interceded on his behalf and he was awarded a green card.

A real leader. Oscar spent 45 minutes on the phone digging deeper and deeper into thermometer physics. They expected them to come out shaken, but all four were smiling - convinced that they had answered Swean's questions perfectly.

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He prayed that the tampons would work but then wondered if the Virgin got her period and whether it was appropriate for him to be praying to her about tampons.

He stood behind a podium on the temporary stage and glanced down at his notes. And though they've lived in Arizona for an average of 11 years, they would still have to pay out-of-state tuition, which can be as much as three times the in-state cost.

MIT's robot was supposed to land on the container, create a seal, and pump out the fluid.

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He liked it there. Immediately, they fixed it together and the most important thing is they did not give up. Though the Carl Hayden team didn't know it, MIT had designed an innovative system of bladders and pumps to carry out this task. He passed an elderly lady examining eggplant - he was too embarrassed to ask her. Oscar, who arguably had the most dramatic after story, he has now landed a job at BNSF train company. He served. Szwankowski knew as much about thermometer applications as anyone in the US. He thinks it'll keep him sharp until he can save up enough money to study engineering at Arizona State University. The Cape Fear team sat across the room, fidgeted with their napkins, and tried not to look nervous. He said it was "incredifying" - incredible and terrifying at the same time. He didn't want to go to jail.
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Spare Parts ( film)