Interview questions for a biographical essay

Describe your grandparents.

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For example, if a pizza shop owner says she got her idea for her business after traveling to Italy, ask questions like "Why did you go to Italy?

Describe your childhood home and where it was.

Interview questions for a biographical essay

Once you have chosen your subject, think about the most interesting aspect of that person. Who were the people that were close to her? What is something that you are really proud of and why? Name three words that you describe you. Armed with the questions here, ask a friend or family member to roleplay the part of an interviewer. Whether it's the person who plays the school mascot on your college campus or someone in your town who's opened a new business, interview people you do not already know well to get the best results. You'll also want to let readers know about her films, interests and lifestyle. Different writers will have varying opinions and information about your chosen person, so it's best to read a wide range of sources. Don't simply restate your thesis or the points you made in your body paragraphs. For example, you could ask your business owner: Who or what inspired you to start this business? Research the company. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

What kind of different opinions did authors have about her? I typically like to prepare about 5 questions for interviews. Chances are, that's your angle for the story.

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Describe an incredible accomplishment they achieved. When you are able to talk to someone directly about a story, you can ask questions the help you gather key facts, details, and emotions to tell a compelling story.

Good interview questions to ask about someones life

What do you think other people should know about this organization? Finally, edit for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. What did you enjoy the most about them? Do a mock interview. Is there something you wish you could do over again? What are the goals you are still working toward? What drew your attention to this person? Have questions ready to ask the interviewer. For many of the non-profit professionals that I work with, story interviews are one of the most challenging aspects of storytelling. The best strategy is to answer these questions confidently, describing instances where you recognized and capitalized upon opportunities for self-improvement. What happened? How do you think your colleagues would describe you? What did you enjoy doing as a child? Next, check your order: Paragraphs should usually be ordered from the most interesting or important at the top, to the least important at the bottom. Revising and Editing After the first draft of your profile is complete, read through and cut out any words or sentences that are not essential.

Takes notes so that you can write up a biography from the answers. Let's take it step by step: Step 1 - Choose Your Subject The person you choose to write about should be someone famous. For example, if the role requires someone who is flexible and can work as many hours as needed to get the job done, but you can't commit to the overtime, you may not be the right person for the position.

Include contradictory information to provide a more complete and complex picture of your subject.

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How to Write a Biographical Article From an Interview