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Dickinson uses imagery to describe the reactions from the pain.

When an author uses personification, human qualities are assigned to something non-human. This loose of control is the focus of her fascination, and her motivation for writing this poem. First, Dickinson uses the literary devices simile and overstatement.

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The detailed specifics she reports, additionally, make it clear that she has watched someone in agony, and by her own admission, has enjoyed it -- which makes the poem even more disturbing.

Many human emotions can be falsely projected or controlled. Theres always the dictionary of course. In the poem "l Felt a Funeral in My Brain" Emily Dickinson exposes a person's intense anguish and suffering as they sink into a state of extreme madness. Completely reading the poem allows the reader to understand what the first line actually means.

Tita, the youngest daughter of Madame Elena was hopelessly in love with Pedro Murquiz however, she is destined never to marry because of a family tradition Because of her isolated lifestyle and the wonderment she had for things both natural and spiritual, she appreciated something that was a known truth.

Why was she so intrigued with death?

No one can fake the physical reactions accompanying agony. People who are in agony don't only experience pain, but can also act unusually under the strain. My perception of the past three years, the future of my marriage, and my own future was threatened in one day, in a way that spun my world into a personal crisis. Dickinson does not like a look of agony because she enjoys watching others suffer; she is fascinated by the expression of agony. She certainly cannot be accused of focusing on the beautiful, the easy, the mundane, and this poem seems to say that that is because pain is required for real truth. Not only is pain associated with this but also the process will eventually leads to fatality. This loss of control is the focus of her fascination, and her motivation for writing this This potential for a loss of control can evoke fear in people: No one can fake the physical reactions accompanying agony. Imagery of physical reactions to agony can convey feeling associated with it to the reader, but Dickinson contrasts this with her own views. Emily Dickinson is one of the numerous poets who uses death as the subject of several of her poems. Describe the social, political, scientific, agricultural, and architectural organisation, weaknesses and achievements of Mesoamerica prior to contact with Europeans. Once the eyes begin to glaze over, physical death could be pending and death of emotional control could also be setting in. The opening line I like a look of Agony, line 1 could be interpreted as sadistic and cold. You see it straight on, you see the profile, and you see the back of the head. The poem describes the snake as transient or passing swiftly and deceptive or misleading.

No one can fake the physical reactions accompanying agony. It was an age of new techniques in painting, sculpting, and creating a visual aspect of the Western European culture.

Dickinson utilizes this to create a vision that helps reinforce the fear that people tend to have toward pain and agony.

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Essay I Like The Look Of Agony