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A user can find your brand, see what your URL is, and then filter their results so that they only see the pages you have to offer. Add humor if it fits! One of the most popular ways you may have seen is when websites implement reviews in their meta description: This provides an immediate signal to your viewer that they can find something of value on the site. The title tag appears in a web browser tab, and the title tag and meta description are often featured on social media posts that share the page. They clearly state what they do and how they do it in few short words. Or… Google might just use your existing meta description. Your goal should be to master this art so that you can do it quickly. Share Do you want more traffic?

The report highlights any errors that exist on a page as they relate to overall on-site SEO. It may improve the chance Google will use your preferred meta description and Google also highlights relevant keywords improving the chance of being clicked on.

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Every day there are searches being done for your service, product or blog topic. Your goal should be to master this art so that you can do it quickly.

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It's more a dynamic process. Write between and characters. Travel Yosemite Why it works: Brief and straight to the point, this meta description clearly explains the value of the Travel Yosemite site and what visitors can expect when they click the link. It has pretty much been clarified by several sources that a meta description will not directly affect your website ranking in the Google search results. Which means you have an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and boost your SEO that much more. Therefore, an important content writing tip is to maintain the active voice as much as possible. Not only will this improve your SEO , it will also force you to condense the idea of the page into just a few words. NEVER stuff keywords! Add humor if it fits! Do not be afraid to be funny! They also tell audiences that the post includes a template that provides additional value. Higher click-through rates increase search rankings. Support meta descriptions with strong page titles. Well, the ultimate application is up to you.

So, why was this one not used by Google? It may have some direct affect in other search engines though so we do highly recommend always writing well optimized descriptions that includes a keyword. And even though Google will likely change things up again, I think the advice to focus on user experience is the only route that will truly stand the test of time.

You put them in your blog posts, landing pages, and even in your product pages.

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If you do it properly, you can be one step ahead of your competition and one step closer to the front page. Call you, click the link etc. The sooner you learn to craft a good description, the sooner you can start boosting your rankings and helping your overall SEO efforts.

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You do need to give some idea of what differentiates the product—So Worth Loving does this by emphasizing the durability and by letting its site name suggest that the sticker is going to be really, really cool.

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