How to write a testimonial for a coach

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They may have already influenced you in the past in making decisions as to what and what not to buy online. Jeff has helped us with the finishing touches, the little things that make an organization truly professional.

Jeff truly made me a better leader for which I am grateful. I have received input from feedback assessments several times during my career.

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Thanks for all of your help Jeff. She is very spiritual, connected to the workings of the universe, honest, caring and generous. The advice he has given has either dovetailed or reinforced what I am hearing internally about how I need to change my behaviors to change my role in the company.

How to write a review for a life coach

Henneke has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. She helped me figure out how to manage my online presence expertly to attract ongoing opportunities. In addition, she has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my practice, but also the quantity of money they provide me as well. Gail T. Use this list to ask the client about how they experienced your coaching and what they have achieved. I would be happy to speak with you directly and share more insight about Katy. Stanley J. His experience as a former CEO sets him apart from other coaches. I really value the support that Katy gave me and helped launch me in this rewarding career.

The following testimonial for my Enchanting Copywriting course includes specifics on what was learned and what the result was: I signed up for Enchanting Copywriting hoping to improve my business website … But I left with vastly more.

I could see no way of getting my dream salon so I contacted Sarah expecting her to give me all the answers on how to find the perfect location, shop, staff and how to market my business as well as perhaps conjuring up finance. I am continuing to work towards my goals that I discussed with Sarah but her practical and emotion support allowed me to make sensible practical decisions as to how to move forward with my life.

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Should you collect testimonials, ask for feedback or…? At first I was skeptical about the coaching process, and expected this effort would merely prove to be another task on an ever lengthening "to-do" list.

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This is the kind of testimonials that you should be publishing on your coaching website. But what if your clients are too busy? He provides pragmatic advice and avoids jargon. During the course of the engagement, Jeff helped me to assemble a comprehensive business development skill set that I am currently using to generate new business and maintain existing relationships. This accountability mechanism helped me to stay focused and on track. She helped me figure out how to manage my online presence expertly to attract ongoing opportunities. As a result of our work together, I feel more confident and productive. With Jeff as my executive coach, I have extensively changed my leadership approach. Jeff's coaching emphasized that value is added to any organization through senior managers drawing on their experiences for problem solving, presenting honest feedback and well developed solutions to other members of the senior team. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions.
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How to Write a Testimonial (With 7 Examples)