How to write a graffiti tag names

A form of subvertising or adbusting, usually with a distinctively political purpose. Crew — Also spelled as Cru or Krew, is a group of writers that work together, usually in a similar style.

Tagging can be a beautiful art form just like Calligraphy, and should be approached that way.

graffiti names that start with s

Different types of aerosol caps are used to get different effects or styles, from Thins, Rustos, to Fatcap. Heaven spot. Going through this process will allow you to create a tag that is original and unique. For example, Phase 2 created bubbles, clouds and 3D, and Blade and Comet started using blockbusters first.

Graffiti names that start with c

Cultural terms Adbusting — Or Subvertising is the practice of altering and making satirical interventions on public, corporate or political advertisements. Slam — To do graffiti in a very public or otherwise risky location. Punition — A type of graffiti writing in which one word is repeated countless times, until it covers an entire surface. Try making one letter into an object, like a flower. Fading — An aerosol color blending technique. Although crew activity does reflect gang behavior, their prime objective is graffiti and not serious criminal. Heaven spot Heavens — Challenging pieces of graffiti painted in places that are almost impossible to reach and require a significant level of acrobatics. It stems from the 70s graffiti culture in New York, but it spread gaining popularity in the 80s and early 90s in San Francisco. No one ever has to see your working sketches anyway. It's not too fancy, but you get the idea. Usually, it means that low quality work is OK to be painted over with something better. Kings or Queens are graffiti artists that are famous among other writers for their skill, style or courage. However, this article is not really about the origin of urban art names, but what makes a cool and memorable name. We can find many art historical dictionaries or glossaries in any library in virtually every language.

Scriber — A scribing or scratching tool. Difficult to paint, these works are more often collaborative, done in limited amounts of time often under 5 minutes with limited color schemes.

Still, there is a hierarchy of styles in which case going over can be tolerated. Throw-ups are often made in bubble or blockbuster style that support quick execution.

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How to create your own tag