How to make an altered book

You are the master of that choice.

How to make an altered book

Ta da!!!!! If it pulls away from the signatures and has threads showing, it is sewn.

Altered book artists

Glued books, including Readers Digest Condensed Books, will fall apart on you about half way through altering them. I am very heavy on the collage layers, so for me it makes sense. Gesso is one of the products I like to use for that purpose. So, apologies for that, but it is definitely out of my control. As for thickness, that is also up to you. Some change the shape of the book, or use multiple books in the creation of the finished piece of art. The first completed page of my altered book. You might want to make something specific, or you might want to alter a book based on the techniques that we cover. Totally accidental. Not sure what Gesso is? This is from our altered composition book tutorial — you can see the Gesso does a very good job of covering things up — sometimes too good of a job! This is the mark of a well constructed book. Gluing your pages together will likely cause some rippling and bumpiness in the page, but no one said art journaling had to be perfect. As an avid altered art and mixed media artist, I'm always looking for new ideas. Feel free to speed things up with a hair dryer

I picked out some letters and sayings and glued them into place. I decided to stay with the leather look.

altered book assignment

I also dry-brushed a bit of paint on top of the strips to create highlights. There are others, so keep reading. Check the spine. You can see the signatures in the photo below.

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How to make altered books from start to finish.