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Large, immense, or complex. Failing hardware or software. Variety, type, kind. That kind of thinking is what security researchers do when designing a threat model. The terminal physically associated with a computer's operating console. Abbreviation for "semicolon", when speaking. However, there are clear limits to what 'dogfooding' as the process is known can predict about how the general public will receive a product. V Verification dump The process by which reporters and security researchers go through hacked data and make sure it's legitimate.

Sometimes abbreviated to TN. Sometimes recoverable. Tweet Illustration: Shaye Anderson One of the challenges of writing—and reading—about hacking is that it's a world full of jargon and technical terms.

To consume or to obtain. Usage: never said of software, only of hardware and humans. Gratuitously wrong, i. Think of it as a Google, but for connected devices rather than websites.

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A request for further explication.

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