Growing old together

I basically live for the fact that this will one day — knock on wood — be my life. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Closing Thoughts Spending the rest of your life with someone is a really long time. And they kind of put years on it, like year one is a really challenging time because now you're married.

You really need the proper tools like good communication skills to get there. But if you and your partner do the following things, experts say, you're more likely to grow old together.

Love is growing old together

Growing old with someone has its share of ups and downs, and you need the right tools in order to reach that point. Because you're married and you want your marriage to last for the rest of your lifetime. Thank you for watching me today. Think back to your first date. Growing his and her beards. Even if your marriage is working well, there will be thoughts and ideas presented in a good marriage seminar that will breathe new life into your marriage. Be intentional about setting the time aside. Giving each other space will allow you to maintain a good relationship without losing yourselves to it. According to Pailet, relationships are "20 percent disappointment" across the board. Now pass me my teeth, it's time for breakfast! In order to stay close as a couple, be intentional about spending time together. Wow, couples that have been married for four decades. You secretly love his quirks. And I also want to remind you that God created your family and God created you.

Traveling everywhere together. If the activities of life have pulled you somewhat apart, sit down and talk about how to come back together. They need encouragement.

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I want to pray with you right now to be connected to the one that created you and your family. As your body changes, it can have an impact on how your spouse views you even if you believe it should notand it can interfere with your activity level together, as well as your sex life.

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The 15 Best Things About Growing Old Together