Grain production business plan

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Now, I can boldly tell you, with an hundred percent assurance, that the treasure, which is not really hidden — just that we have not tapped into it; is Agriculture and Exportation.

Field preparation in Wheat Farming:- To prepare a well pulverized seed bed,1 deep ploughing followed by 2 or 3 harrowing with disc or tines and 2 or 3 planking should be given.

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Schedule breakeven agricultural enterprise for growing crops 7 year Figure The tropic climate that is predominantly hot at the north of the equator results in the unviability of the wheat seed, but things have changed for good, with scientific breakthroughs that guarantees us of pure breed wheat farming in Nigeria.

We would also have Silos to store other harvested grains for other farmers.

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The ratio of imports and exports of grain crops in Soil should be neutral in its reaction. Schedule breakeven agricultural enterprise for growing crops year 3 Figure Aggregates for Project Appendix 2.

Comparative analysis of maximum permissible levels of radionuclides in cereal Table Dynamics of prices for feed corn, U.

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A Sample Wheat Farming Business Plan Template