Google s four functions of management

4 basic functions of management

A key part of planning is also the vital role it plays in reducing risks. Controlling The final function of management is controlling. Once again, a graphical illustration brings this concept more clarity. Was the success down to the product? It can also relate to nontangible goals and objectives like meeting a production quota or reducing customer complaints by a certain amount. There has to be a solid strategy when doing this function so you have a fallback when ideas go wrong. You could use evaluation reports, examine the quality of work, and be present during certain parts, such as team meetings or when the person is talking to clients. These are: Supervision — You need to oversee the work your employees are doing. The two concepts that help distinguish good management from poor management are efficiency, a quantitative measure, and effectiveness, a qualitative metric Organizations are efficient when they manage resources to maximize their utility in the process of producing a good or service.

Effective leaders are students of human personalities, motivation and communication. Why is planning essential?

Google s four functions of management

He motivates and values his employees by figuring out what would be best for them and looking out for the health of his workers. As you might realize, planning is on on-going function. You need devolution of responsibility, as it can ensure the plan works efficiently.

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In essence, controlling is about quality monitoring. You need a lot of knowledge and flexibility in order to plan activities effectively. You would talk to them about the new marketing program, get their feedback on the project and spend time inspiring them with new ideas. Think about a start-up. In terms of hitting your sales targets, you would need to analyze if the current staff is capable of performing the tasks and whether you have enough employees to ensure the integrity of the organization. Directing has an important role in an organization as it helps strengthen the operational capability of the organization. Organizing The next function of management follows planning and it is about organizing. You must also identify the timeline for these processes. The function delves deeper inside human interaction, making the manager motivate, communicate and inspire his or her personnel. You might want to create a marketing campaign to increase sales, which requires the team to conduct market research and to come up with ideas.

When you organize the team to perform the tasks required to boost coffee sales, you have each person working towards the goal. Keywords: Management, functions of management, controlling, leading, organizing, planning, levels of management Definition of Management Management, like many other terms or titles, has a few definitions depending on the orientation and knowledge of the person crafting the definition.

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If you notice the marketing campaign, for example, is not producing any new customers or leading to increased sales, you can re-tweak it to better attract customers. The transition process must be planned ahead.

This might include things like creating a new advertisement campaign, reducing prices or speaking to customers about their shopping plans. He was one of the earliest business thinkers, like a Seth Godin for the age of mining.

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The Four Functions Of Management