Franklin pierce the 14th president of

Franklin pierce the 14th president of

After graduation he studied law, then entered politics. He had demonstrated competence as a general, especially in the initial march from Vera Cruz, but his short tenure and his injury left little for historians to judge his ability as a military commander.

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Nevertheless, a year after the couple's first of three sons were born, Pierce accepted his election to the U. Calhoun apologized after Pierce replied to him in a speech which stated that most signatories were women and children, who could not vote, which therefore cast doubt on the one-in figure.

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He publicly declared that such a nomination would be "utterly repugnant to my tastes and wishes", but given the desire of New Hampshire Democrats to see one of their own elected, he knew his future influence depended on his availability to run. This was a document published in the New York Herald which stated that if Spain was not willing to sell Cuba to the U. He was admitted to the New Hampshire bar in late and began to practice in Hillsborough. The youngest, Benjamin, died in a train accident soon after Pierce was elected president. The resulting diplomatic statement, the Ostend Manifesto October , was interpreted by the American public as a call to wrest Cuba from Spain by force if necessary. But his policies, far from preserving calm, hastened the disruption of the Union. Franklin Pierce's Career Before the Presidency: Franklin Pierce began practicing law before being elected as a member of the New Hampshire legislature Franklin married Jane Means in , one of the daughters of former Bowdoin College president. When he agreed to sign the Kansas-Nebraska Act in , it turned Kansas into a battleground for the country's conflict over slavery. Overall, though, he was antiwar and many called him a traitor. His mother was prone to depression.

Although they scored two victories there, Pierce injured his leg when he was thrown from his horse. Hale enrolled at Bowdoin in Pierce's junior year; he became a political ally of Pierce's and then his rival.

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He was admitted to the bar in She abhorred politics and especially disliked Washington, DC, creating a tension that would continue throughout Pierce's political ascent.

Pierce broke from his party on occasion, opposing Democratic bills to fund internal improvements with federal money. Douglas provided in his bills that the residents of the new territories could decide the slavery question for themselves.

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At the Democratic Convention, the delegates agreed easily enough upon a platform pledging undeviating support of the Compromise of and hostility to any efforts to agitate the slavery question. Hale, a fellow Athenian at Bowdoin. Douglas led a successful effort to split it into separate measures so that each legislator could vote against the parts his state opposed without endangering the overall package. Pierce and the Democrats were quick to challenge the new administration, questioning the removal of federal officeholders, and opposing Whig plans for a national bank. Ransom as lieutenant colonel and second-in-command. Franklin married Jane Means in , one of the daughters of former Bowdoin College president. Pierce went to a local school and two academies before attending Bowdoin College in Maine. He saw both the bank and infrastructure spending as unconstitutional, with internal improvements the responsibility of the states. Pierce, after serving in the Mexican War, was proposed by New Hampshire friends for the Presidential nomination in

It stated that the United States should take aggressive action towards Spain if they did not agree to sell Cuba. Visit Website Did you know?

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Who Was the 14th President of the United States?