Five year plans for economic development

Second Five Year Plan The Second Plan was particularly in the development of the public sector and "rapid Industrialisation".

third five year plan

A system of measures has been carried out to improve the well-being and the cultural level of the population.

Among the measures that resulted in an increase in agricultural output were the development of the virgin and fallow lands, the strengthening of the kolkhozes with new personnel, and the emphasis on the principle of material incentives for kolkhoz members.

A broad program was outlined for technological progress and for further improvement in the level of production concentration, specialization, and cooperation.

Five year plans for economic development

Fifth five-year plan — Here "duty" can also be interpreted as "debt. Eighth five-year plan — In addition, the Ninth Five-Year Plan saw contributions towards development from the general public as well as governmental agencies in both the rural and urban areas of the country.

was the five year plan successful

The fixed production assets in the national economy increased by 40 percent from to

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(PDF) Five Year Plans of India