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Section H confers a right on workers to warn about imminent danger and imposes responsibility on the occupier in relation to such hazardous processes. Section 96A. The Act also makes provisions regarding employment of women and young persons including children and adolescents , annual leave with wages etc. Repaint the walls once in every 3 years in case of washable water paints. The occupier shall, at the time of registering the factory involving a hazardous process, lay down a detailed policy with respect to the health and safety of the workers employed therein and intimates such policy to the Chief Inspector and the local authority. For overtime work the workers are entitled to twice their normal rate of wages. Section Creches:- It is provided that in every factory where more than 30 women workers are ordinarily employed, there shall be provided a suitable room for the use of children under the age of 6 years of such women. It was held in this case that the requirement of obtaining sanction to prosecute is mandatory and taking cognizance of an offence in the absence of sanction cannot be allowed to stand and has to be quashed. Bandaru Dattatreya. The Supreme Court held that the bidi roller is not a worker. Section spittoons should be provided at suitable places and sufficient manner. The Act regulates the safety, health and welfare of factory workers. The occupier of a factory involving a hazardous process shall, with the previous approval of the Chief Inspector, lay down measures for the handling, usage, transportation and storage of hazardous substances inside the factory premises and the disposal of such substances outside the factory premises and publicise them in the manner prescribed among the workers and the general public living in the vicinity.

The team rescued 21 people including 11 children. It must be interpreted with reference to the intention and purposes of the Act.

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ESI Corpn. Notice of Certain Disease. In either case there is a contract of employment between the management and the person employed.

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The persons will have to be guided by those placed in supervisory capacity. Under the present definition even transporting, washing, cleaning, oiling and packing which do not involve any transformation as such which is necessary to constitute manufacturing process in its generic sense, are nonetheless treated as manufacturing process.

Definitions 1.

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It was held that owner can nominate any person tobe in ultimate control over the affairs of a factory. Then in case if the party to the disputes are not satisfied with the judgement they shall refer the case to the High Court or and to the Supreme Court respectively. Adequate arrangements for drinking water should be made.

He was engaged in supervising and checking quality and weighment of waste papers and rags which are the basic raw material for the manufacture of paper.

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Each of the words in the definition has got independent meaning which itself constitutes manufacturing process. These rules may specify the area, define the local mean time ordinarily observed therein, and permit such time to be observed in all or any of the factories situated in the area. Notice of Certain Dangerous Occurrences. Lastly, prescribing methods for securing adequate ventilation and cooling of the air in the workrooms. Rules in this regard may be prescribed by the central government as well. Further no woman or young person shall be allowed to clean or lubricate any prime mover or transmission machinery. The whole conception of service does not fit in well with a servant who has full liberty to attend to his work according to his pleasure and not according to the orders of his master. Since then the act has been amended on many occasions. Notice of periods of work for adults.

The only exception is an establishment where the work is done solely by the members of a family.

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