Essay on the use of research to improve student retention

If colleges rely too heavily on general academic aptitude scores in making placement decisions, they risk creating self-fulfilling prophecies dooming students to lesser success.

What Dweck calls "incremental theorists," in contrast, believe that abilities are modifiable and flexible and that making mistakes is useful because it helps one to learn and, in general, to grow. For many students, a precursor to dropping out is a progressive disengagement from, or failure ever to become engaged in, the university environment.

Student retention plan

Respond to their information sheet by writing a short note to each student saying something positive as well as expressing concerns e. In the end, some students drop out just because they cannot make college work for themselves financially. It is here that engagement with other people on the campus matters. The resilience to get beyond disappointing setbacks is key not only in college but also in work and in life, in general. Institutions must expand their conversation about college completion beyond simply how they can retain their students to how they can act in ways that lead all students to want to stay and complete their degrees. Students who load up too much on courses that are required but that do not interest them are at greater risk of dropping out simply because they are bored and find no relief. Though it is undeniably the case that academic ability matters, student motivation is the key to student persistence and completion. All this is not to say that students will not persist if they have little sense of belonging or see little value in their studies. Be reassuring. In this and similar cases, students are more likely to want to learn basic skills because it helps them learn a subject in which they are interested. Learn about your students. The students need further to understand that many of their peers who have an initial failure end up successful in their fields. First, they must ensure that all students see the institution as welcoming and supportive -- that the culture is one of inclusion. The two questions, while necessarily linked, do not lead to the same sort of conversations about institutional action. In other words, parents and teachers need to work with students to help them realize that many of the best rewards in life are not immediate.

Their interests are different. Which kinds of student activities become unrewarding time sinks that prevent one from spending adequate time studying?

student retention theories

If there is time remaining after your syllabus activity, begin communicating the content of your course. You may want to review these suggestions whenever you are starting a new topic, explaining a difficult assignment, or periodically throughout the course.

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They do not find out for four or even more years whether they will indeed get the diploma they hope for. In my own case, I ignominiously failed my first psychology test freshman year with a score of 3 out of 10 points ; nevertheless, 35 years later I served as president of the American Psychological Association.

Counselors thus need to ensure not only that students have the knowledge and skills to succeed, but also a mindset whereby they believe in their own potential to succeed.

Essay on the use of research to improve student retention

Anomie can be a particular challenge for students whose sociocultural background is distant from that of many others in the college or university. In the academic realm, that can take the form of cohort programs and learning communities. Often, success in a particular course or in college generally seems far off, whereas there are many gratifications to be had instantly, especially in the social domain. Put another way, academic skills are no guarantee of common sense. However, the views expressed in this essay are solely his own. Listen carefully to student comments. When forming groups, use something class related. Inability to delay gratification. It therefore is a mistake to rely on them heavily for placement or even admissions decisions in college. Bio Robert J.

Provide timely feedback that encourages student learning and persistence. In any new environment, whether an academic environment or a work environment, one needs to acquire "tacit" knowledge — the informal and often unspoken keys for achieving success in that environment.

Here there is much colleges and universities can do. At Oklahoma State University, we have attempted systematically to address the problem of dropping out, especially after the first year of college, and to devise solutions that would keep students on track to earn their degrees.

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Ways Faculty Can Encourage Student Retention