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Domestic industry increased employment, expanded commercial activity within the country and decreased France's dependence on foreign trade.

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Gabay, ET al. Colonization, industrialization and a sense of nationalistic destiny drove the once expansive Empire. The obvious duty of government would therefore be to minimize foreign imports in order to achieve a favorable balance of foreign-paid income.

Mercantilism is considered by some scholars to be a precursor to capitalism since it rationalized economic activity such as profits and losses.

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Taxes, trade regulations, and overarchingly, power, made all colonists, aside from the loyalists, more than ready to detach from Great Britain 's rule. Fewer imports mean less competition and higher prices. He attributed the marked price rise experienced by Western Europe in his time primarily to the inflow of monetary metals from South America. Danish, Swedish and French forces intervene in support of the Protestants while the Spanish intervene in support of the Catholics. This theory suggests that the government should play an active role in the economy by encouraging exports and discouraging imports, especially through the use of tariffs. Possession of colonies provided the countries with sources of raw materials and markets for their manufactured goods This policy offered and assortment of advantages and disadvantages to both Britain and the colonies while also planting a seed among the colonies that would change the country forever The reason for the decline in their motives can be traced to many occurrences, most notably benign neglect of the colonies and internal English conflicts. It has three main ideologies, Liberalism, Mercantilism and Marxism. In this document, Smith analyzed wages, labor, trade, population, rents, and money supply Andrea, Capitalism is an economic system that was created by combining many parts of many other economic systems. Both countries colonized America in their own way, but at the same time shared similar methods. They would also control prices and markets on their own. Countries like Belgium, and France wanted to also increase their trade, and expand it to trading with America. His most popular books changed history because without them, many of these thoughts and ideas would not be so prevalent.

Mercantilism was the policy in Europe throughout the 's to the 's where the government of the mother country controlled the industry and trade of other, weaker settlements with the idea that national strength and economic security comes from exporting more than what is imported.

What specific economic policies were incorporated by the English government during and after the s. Many systems have failed and many have succeeded.

The British had to receive all American goods and them their merchants would sell the goods to other countries, but America could not.

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Spain and England used the mercantile system to benefit the mother countries. The mercantilist theory, also known as Colbertism or Bullionism, that swept though France had a major impact upon its changing domestic and foreign policies throughout the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, and was geared toward strengthening the economic vitality of the state at the expen The British system of mercantilism was actually quite a good system for England.

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The desire for a favorable balance of trade which would result in an inflow of bullion caused the seventeenth-century thinkers to want increased production.

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