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Unlawful customs b. The healthcare expenditure was 2.

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They teach us endurance, well-being, grace and sacrifice. Ecopsychology is the study based on the increasing worldwide concerns over the environment. This situation is disturbing human psychology. Unlawful customs b. There are four seasons in my country namely, summer, winter, spring and autumn. Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change The Blood of Muslims gives us this country in which we can live according to our own will. It is a pity to see that the country that has the blessing of five rivers has very little greenery. And who is saved from narrow-mindedness There is an amalgam of people in my country.

Pakistan is important because it has been part of five declared wars in the past sixty years with its neighboring country, India. Devolution of power in pakistan I in Pakistan Personalization of Pakistani politics Formal and casual dressing codes Liberalism Socio-economic challenges faced by pakistan Islam versus the west International crisis in terrorism Humour in urdu literature Higher science education in the developing countries The search of truth Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope Austerity, As a solution og all our economic problems Economic prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the level of literacy in it Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is though necessary National Integration Risk of "Sovet syndromt" for pakistan Higher economic problem at pakistan and how to meet them Devolution of power in pakistan Art and morality Need for serious planning in techinical education in pakistan Is the world ready of the Gene age?

Poverty in Pakistan does not affect people of Pakistan only but it has an effect on rest of world as well. Self finance scheme in the government institute We should pay special attention to tree plantation because only through forests we can bring moderation to the hot climate.

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Is the world ready of the Gene age? Pakistan is not an easy topic to dwell upon, especially if you are not acquainted with the culture, political system, laws and so on. It is a goodly sight to see what heaven hath done for this delicious land.

As per literacy level in Pakistan, now educators are focusing overwriting practice service in major subjects, such as essay writing service avails a huge business there, so now students are getting aware of writing practice, Also students need very major practice for writing an essay during CSS civil superintendent services exam in Pakistan.

Alleviation of poverty

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