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Alternatively, if you only have access to PowerPoint and have a copy of Windows Movie Maker installed, you can save your presentation as image files.

Certainly, you can incorporate some other activities to plan a two-day reunion. Step 4: Add a number of vivid caption bubbles to describe the pictures and bring more life to this slideshow.

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In seven simple steps, you can turn your presentation into a video you can share with viewers wherever they are. How to convert your PowerPoint to video in PowerPoint in 7 Steps Turning your PowerPoint presentation slides into a video is easier than you think.

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Unlike sharing it as a presentation, some slides may get deleted or changed. Your audience do not need to have a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint to view your presentation. Step 2: Save all the digital pictures and the scanned ones in a new document with a name of family album. Alternatively, feel free to browse and download hundreds of free Powerpoint templates from our library. Then you can adjust the picture style, picture shape and picture effects. Click on the Create a Video option and expand the Computer and HD Displays option to select output video size and quality settings. Then you can disperse it to your relatives for long preserve and memory. You will also lose narration during the conversion process, you may wish to add the narration as an audio soundtrack to the movie. Step 5: Add video clips to your slideshow You can add some family video clips that you have collected from the family member to spice up your slideshow. Read this guide and set the song to play across entire PowerPoint slides as background music.

Click Save to start creating your video. Here are the steps you need to follow: Create your PowerPoint presentation as normal and save it. Your video becomes easy to access without the knowledge and understanding of powerpoint.

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