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Project Manager Entry point for project governance.

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Develop Iteratively Accept that work is not always right first time. Atern Principles Many organisations guide general behaviour with high-level values and culture. An important role from the user organisation who has the ability and responsibility to commit appropriate funds and resources. The prototyping approach requires a strong and dedicated involvement by end user to test and judge the functional prototypes. Atern allows the project to decide for itself how the products are built or what they should look like, allowing products to be tailored to most environments. This allows users to fill in the specific steps of the process with their own techniques [5] and software aids of choice. Factor 2: The second factor follows directly from this and that is the commitment of management to ensure end-user involvement. Learn how and when to remove this template message There are some roles introduced within DSDM environment. Collaborate Teams work in a spirit of active co-operation and commitment. Although this is addressed in other methods, DSDM strongly believes in commitment to the project to ensure a successful outcome. The basic flow of products through the lifecycle is shown below. Breaking one of these principles can lead to failure, as these are the basic building blocks for Atern, and bind together all the other elements of Atern. Technical Co-ordinator Responsible in designing the system architecture and control the technical quality of the project. Manages detailed time box activities and day-to-day activities.

Manages all required products related to business requirements. The principles are based on best practice in its truest sense. Collaboration encourages understanding, speed and shared ownership. Coordinates business acceptance. Exploration Iterative development phase during which teams expand on the high level requirements to demonstrate the functionality Engineering Iterative development phase where the solution is engineered to be deployable for release Deployment For each Increment set of timeboxes of the project the solution is made available.

Factor 2: The second factor follows directly from this and that is the commitment of management to ensure end-user involvement. Describes business scenarios to help design and test the solution.

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Influencing factors could be contractual relationships and corporate standards. Contributes to key requirements, design and review sessions.

Build Incrementally from Firm Foundations Increments allow the business to take advantage of work before the final product is complete, encouraging stakeholder confidence and feedback.

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Introduction to DSDM Atern