Don t text and drive

We are simply overconfident in our abilities. I have been on accidents and fatalities in Monroe County Michigan over the years young and old do to distractive driving and or texting and driving and you hear about this all over the Country. How many of us use post it notes in the office and even in our vehicles to remind us to do something for that day, month, and year.

With cellular phones, two-way radios, I-Pads, video games and stereos, the interior of your vehicle no longer offers a quiet place to focus on driving. Importantly, in all the driving-while-talking research, there is little to no difference in impairment between drivers using hands-free and hand-held phones.

With the amount of things we have to remember in any given day, the things that go through our minds as we drive down the roadway are staggering.

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Watch the most gruesome car accident video you can find on YouTube and play it in your head every time you think of reaching for the phone.

If our hearts started racing as soon as our attention started to drift, we might be more inclined to stay focused. What could be more important that ensuring that we do everything possible to protect the people that visit, vacation, work, live or play in this great State of Michigan?

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I have a 14 year old and 16 years old that is driving I am going to do everything in my power to make them safe. A State that wants you to visit and be safe is pure Michigan your trip begins at Michigan. Driving down the road is no longer a lonely, quiet experience. For those of us that choose to not take the time or look the other way I hope will be inspired to do so and never have to look a family member in the eyes and tell them there love one is not coming home.

We are seeing, but not perceiving.

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