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These studies are considered to be the starting point of scientific interest in satisfaction, its origin and consequences. Responsiveness and security were the dimensions which have the highest effect on e-service quality perception which in turn highly affected the total satisfaction perception.

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Therefore, Gartner concluded that banks now regard Internet as an equally important channel as the traditional channels of branches, automated teller machines ATMtelephone banking and call centers.

The enormous increase of the internet is changing the way businesses interact with consumers as most businesses are now conducted using the internet. Recent evidence suggests that an Internet-based consumer banking strategy may be effective, with reports of more profitable, loyal and committed consumers compared with traditional banking consumers ABA, ; Fox, Hence, service quality was taken up by the research scholars specifically in terms of the e-services which lead to the development of various models that helped in measuring e-service quality in the services sector.

Which the site compensates customers for problems.

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But, in s internet banking made a huge comeback as the most sought after channel of service deliver as the Internet explosion had made customers comfortable with making transactions over the internet around the world.

Data were collected from a sample of internet banking customers.

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They studied the impact of service quality factors of Internet Banking on customer satisfaction in Iran. They found six primary dimensions of e-banking service quality namely: convenience, accuracy, efficiency, queue management, accessibility, and customization, feedback and complaint management. The enormous increase of the internet is changing the way businesses interact with consumers as most businesses are now conducted using the internet. However, due to the lack of Internet users, and costs associated with using online banking, the growth of internet banking experienced a setback. Banks invested heavily in the development of the Internet channel. The services offered being the most important factor in driving internet banking satisfaction. Lociacono et al. Oliver defined customer satisfaction as a judgment that a product or service feature, or the product or service itself, provide or is providing a pleasurable level of consumption related fulfilment, including levels of under or over fulfilment. How have commercial banks adapted to the changing demands of corporate entities? To help the banks and policy makers have a better understanding of the internet banking dimensions and their contributions towards customer satisfaction. The users of internet banking were mostly students, followed by the employees from the private sector, while as the self-employed people and the ones employed in public sector used internet banking the least. This new channel has added a new dimension to the concept of customer satisfaction and how it can be affected in a positive way. To examine the relationship between the customer satisfaction and the various internet banking service quality dimensions. The authors develop a structural equation model, called Lisrel, and through empirical test carried out on internet users in India. Qureshi et al.

Ibok et al. The above scale was refined by Parasuraman et al. By hiring us, you can sit back and relax as we will take the full responsibility to find out the problem statement even in the most uncommon research topic as well. Saha et al.

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