Differences between vietnam and america

Cross cultural communication between vietnam and america

During my first night in Vietnam, I freaked out about seeing lizards chilling on the walls of restaurants. Hot, sunny, middle of the day with not a soul in sight? In both countries, the students go through twelve years of basic education, beginning at the kindergarten level. Americans prefer having a light and simple breakfast of cereals, pancakes, or bread and jam, accompanied by a drink such as milk or juice. You might as well voluntarily throw yourself into a volcanic pit. The students do not feel free to question the teachers, and they do not air their opinions freely. Americans rarely use sauces as accompaniments with their meals. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube thepuyalluppost.

We might use different mannerisms, spend our Saturday nights differently and jam out to different kinds of music.

Vietnamese use spoons, chopsticks and a bowl.

difference between vietnamese and american food

The wedding ceremonies in America and Vietnam are different in several ways. This date varies from year to year, between January 15 and Feb. Vietnam When we discuss about the differences between Vietnamese and America culture, we can think of many things such as History, Style of Music, Arts, Religion, Language, etc.

vietnamese cultural diversity

People have the freedom to eat what they please. This ranges from the church, government offices, beaches, gardens, among other areas.

People eat noodles at any time of day.

compare the family structures and values in the us to those in vietnam

Vu said Vietnamese food tends to have more seasoning than American food.

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