Daisy is responsible for gatsby s death

Why is daisy responsible for myrtles death

But in the end the man who actually killed him was the reasoning why Gatsby was killed. Furthermore, Tom and Daisy leave town the next day, proving Tom's knowledge of Daisy's guilt by just trying to escape with her. It should contain quotations and evidence from the novel. It's his own idealism that kills him. If Gatsby never met her and fell in love with her this all would have never happened. So in all honesty it a big circle and its all around Gatsby everyone has a part in the reasoning of his death. Respond to one your classmates who answered a different question. All the money, the flashy car, and clothes, were all for her. Tom used his status to use women.

I do agree it was stupid of him to fall in love with her, but without that there's no plot. I think that Tom was at fault for Gatsby death.

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Leave a Reply. There is no doubt Tom was a terrible husband, but he cannot be blamed for Daisy deciding to stay with him. He never showed much affection for Daisy; she was just a pretty face for show. At some point, Daisy would eventually stop seeing him which leads to an emotional death, or Tom would put an end to the relationship one way or another. She should have also stopped the car. Tom knew George was thinking this and when George talked to him, Tom seized his opportunity to get off the hook for his sin and directed it to Gatsby, making himself even more morally incorrect for doing it. Tom, Daisy and George are morally responsible for the murder of Gatsby. She fell in love with Gatsby when he was a military man, and she didn't know his financial status. Although we do not know much about Myrtle and she doesn't appear much in the book, she is the cause of all of the chaos. Free Essays brought to you by HelpMe. If Tom didn't mess around with her then maybe Myrtle wouldn't be dead right now. Daisey Buchanan in my oppinion is the reason to mostly blame on the death of Jay Gatsy because I think that she was trying to find a way out. Your response should be in paragraph form and around words.

But the main part of the story deals with the relationship with Myrtle. Many book lovers and movie-goers would be insulted by my saying this, but her relationship with Jay Gatsby ultimately led him to his death.

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Gatsby would have loved her, but their lives would have changed. In every crime or wrongdoing, the moral responsibility of the outcome can be placed on at least one person.

Daisy is responsible for gatsby s death

Daisy leads Gatsby on by telling him she is going to leave her husband when all the while she is really not sure. Did Daisy leave Tom when she had the chance?

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The life of Jay Gatsby was built for Daisy. If Tom didn't mess around with her then maybe Myrtle wouldn't be dead right now. Murder is an immoral act no matter what the circumstances.

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The life of Jay Gatsby was built for Daisy. So it is still my belief that Daisy is to blame for Jay Gatsby's death. The first characteristic that Jay, the narrator, mentions is the platonic conception that Gatsby has of himself and, especially, Daisy. After the incident at the hotel in New York Tom had been driving home with Nick and Daisy's good friend to find that his mistress had been killed. But this was not the first time. So he is to be held responsible for his own actions, even if they caused his death. Tom sat him down and explained to him that he had just come in from New York, and that he drives a blue car, so it was impossible for him to be the one who killed Myrtle. Along with Myrtle. She went for Tom because he was rich and accepted into the family. He is rich, cocky, and treats people like he is god and they are low.
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