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Permission is given to photocopy the lessons for use in one family or one classroom. An answer key is included at the end of the book.

The series is good for any student of any ability. I highly recommend these books. Students are asked to identify the sentence, sentences, paragraph, or paragraphs that provide the best evidence for their answers instead of explaining in their own words.

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Both A and B levels have the type of passages that the students need to practice for the test. It's just perfect for preparing students for their end-of-grade tests.

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A few of the lessons include work with data analysis. The software versions also automatically track and grade student work, allowing for totally independent work.

While this does still require close reading, it also allows guessing instead of requiring the student to compose his or her own response.

I spotted one mention of millions of years and one story on global warming that attributes the cause solely to human activity, but I did not spot anything else problematic enough that I would not be comfortable allowing one of my children to work through these lessons independently.

These one-page activities are much quicker for my students and me to do!

Detective reading comprehension worksheets

Students read and respond to fiction and non-fiction passages throughout these workbooks. The questions call for the higher-order thinking the examiners require. Most reading passages are written by the authors of this workbook, but some are excerpted from well-known literature. Although you may install the program on only one computer, you may register more than one student and track their progress. It's just perfect for preparing students for their end-of-grade tests. Also, the pre- and posttests are great for documenting specific areas that students are struggling with or succeeding in. After three months his reading comprehension jumped about four grades.
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Reading Detective Beginning, Grades