Clinical case studies of schizophrenia

No rigidity in any of the limb was observed. Since then, she dropped out of college and has alienated herself from family and friends.

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From his early childhood, he was exposed to aggressive behavior of his father, who often attempted to discipline him and in this pursuit at times was abusive and aggressive toward him. Textbook of Psychiatry.

Clinical case studies of schizophrenia

However, poor socialization, lack of motivation, apathy, weight gain subsequent to psychotropic medications, and aversion to start school are still unresolved. The child had a temperament characterized by high activity levels, below average threshold of distractibility, average ability to sustain attention and persist, easy to warm up, adaptation to new situations, and regular bowel and bladder habits. He attributed it to lack of friends at school and asked for school change. Table 1 Open in a separate window Case 2 An year-old boy, educated up to class 3, belonging to a rural family of lower socioeconomic status was brought with complaints of academic decline since 2 years, repetition of acts, irritability since a year, and adoption of abnormal postures since 6 months. Non-cooperation for mental state examination, and aggressive and violent behavior were noted. Many pharmacologic therapies focus on modulating neurotransmitter levels. Low rates of treatment for hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes in schizophrenia: data from the CATIE schizophrenia trial sample at baseline. The physical investigations done are shown in Table 1. All these symptoms fit into the classical description of prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia. Marital problems and domestic violence since marriage lead to divorce of parents when the child attained age of 10 years. Schizophr Res. Treatment for these conditions differs from that for schizophrenia and may be lifesaving. As a result, she has been hospitalized 10 additional times in the last 6 years for acute psychotic episodes. Declaration of patient consent The authors certify that they have obtained all appropriate patient consent forms. Home telemental health implementation and outcomes using electronic messaging.

Since a year, he was observed to repeat certain acts such as pacing in the room from one end to another, continuously for up to 1—2 h, with intermittent stops and often insisted his mother to follow the suit, stand nearby him, or else he would clang on her.

He did not want to eat the meal offered by the hospital staff and voiced concern that they might be trying to hide drugs in his food. Within the next 5—6 months, his illness worsened.

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Myles agreed to sign himself into the psychiatric unit for treatment. Eventually, he stopped going to school and his family sought faith healing.

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Case Studies in Schizophrenia.