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Most companies use type one and type tow error to accept or reject the projects. Words: - Pages: 7 Financial Detective Words: - Pages: 3 Investment Detective Also, Project 7 has more in EAA than project 8, so project 7 is better because it is cover most of the risk in the time and benefit.

Here in the case, we should choose between two project 7and 8. We can accept both projects because the return is more than cost, but because these two projects are mutually exclusive, so I will select project 7.

When you only consider the cash flow of an investment you only get a glimpse of the excess cash flow the company can profit from over the initial investment.

We can accept both projects because the return is more than cost, but because these two projects are mutually exclusive, so I will select project 7. At the beginning we will see the NPV of all projects in below table. Words: - Pages: 4. Map From: Phe Date: February 16, RE: Case 18 The Investment Detective Projects can be measured by inspecting cash flows alone but there are additional metrics than can be used to make the best recommendations. At a glance we are also able to see that project 6 is on the brink of acceptable which allows our investment team to accurately rank the three lowest projects on the list. What is the deeper meaning behind this mind-blowing show? The disadvantage of this method, it is assume that is the rate of the return as a same for all the year of the project which is not correct in real life. As a result, when we need to accept or reject a project, always we need to considering all the risk of the projects. Does this ranking differ from the ranking obtained by simple inspection of the cash flows? In this assignment, only the quantitative considerations are relevant. The Investment Detective 1.

Yes, we can be ranking the project by inspecting the cash flow, however it is not enough method to use to select the most beneficially project, cash flow method good for someone how does not know the quantitative analytical method because the quantitative analytical will consider the risk of the time value of money and the capital cost.

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Project 3: Tesla company electric car segment. By the use of the illustration below, we can rank the project as follows Excess

Mysterious men, Satanic rituals, Murders with no strings attached.. Suppose you are a new capital-budgeting analyst for a company considering investments in the eight projects listed in Exhibit 1. In this case we are only using quantitative considerations that we deem to be relevant and no other project characteristics are deciding factors in our selection of the best four projects. It is also an alternative to NPV method. Though the investigation itself is interesting, the interpersonal behavior of the obsessive and frequently conflicting lead characters makes this drama seem so much fresher than all other criminal television series. In , two detectives We must bring all cash flows at the same point in time present
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