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Normal households market segment super market young market teenage market people who wants a healthy diet segment Those are the possible target customers where Boost Juice Bar needs to analysis and develop products to satisfy their needs and wants.

Not only using those two sites as a platform to communicate with customers, but also to engage with them.

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Recommendations The focus on new social media as new marketing tool to engage with customers will be highly recommended.

There is rising potential business opportunity in this Industry because consumers are showing greater concerns over eating healthy. Thus, good tasted smoothies drink and attractive product packaging is essential to this group of customers. Strategies: The marketing plan urges Boost Juice Bar to:?

Mixed up the juice and smoothies into one single product. People — People refers to the employees, founders and other culture of the company.

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The attractive stores of Boost juice company with vibrant colors provide an exceptional experience to the customers. General work also includes decision support, modeling and analytics, and merchandising, goods retailing and the information industry.

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Promotion and advertising are crucial. The product, shop fitting and sales people are highly integrated to create the health and sunshine atmosphere. Boston, Massachusetts. Since , Boost Juice Bar was the only brand that had greatest and largest expansion in the country. Janine believed that in Australia it would have the capacity to have more than juice bars. However, price discount could be offered in the other way. The very natural style green and red colours give customer the impression that the product is healthy and natural. Boost Juice enhances Volume pricing policy which means that pricing strategies are made according to the quantities of products. It is very strong brand recognition. No one will deny that facebook and Twitters are become very powerful marketing tool for companies or organization to communicate with their target audience. People — People refers to the employees, founders and other culture of the company. It is healthy but also great taste. Place — For expanding the Boost juice operations, the company adopts the strategy of Franchising. For people who want a healthy diet, they would look deep into the product itself to see the Ingredients. TV commercial is needed to attract those people.

This sort sorts of professional research companies provide guaranteed view of what is happening. The old juice bar is located somewhere in the country side suburb or urban corner like what we called milk bar in Victoria or Deli Shop in New South Wales. Innovation Strong focus on promotion and advertising campaign High customer royalty Strong financial resources back up Strong ability to engage with customers Heavy focus on promotional activities that the marketing cost may be too high Lack of further innovation in product in recent years Sales drops significantly in winter season No strong direct competitors yet People are more health conscious Many other indirect competitors are start selling smoothies products.

It is produced keeping in line with the international standards of organic food production and ensures maximum health and hygiene factor.

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Analysis Of Marketing Strategies Of Boost Juice Free Sample