Bloods and crips

By latethe Pirus held a meeting in their neighborhood to discuss growing Crips pressure and intimidation.

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People stood up and began arguing. Dewayne believes he was targeted and framed.

Bloods and crips

Through the end of April, there were 11 homicides in Comptoncompared with seven in the same period last year. But another leader from Campanella Park had a suggestion: Why wait?

How to join the bloods

Several gangs that felt victimized by the Crips joined the Piru Street Boys to create a new federation of non-Crips neighborhoods. The activities of the gangs remained the same in relation to previous decades. What about the youngsters wielding the guns? Blood membership soon rose dramatically as did the number of states in which they were present. One brother did. In Watts, Muslim brothers helped construct a meeting. It took place the next day and started in a grocery store in the Crenshaw neighborhood and moved towards The Marathon, where a makeshift memorial has sprung up. Ballou was beaten to death after he refused to give up his leather jacket. So, as members of the Bloods and Crips migrate to various cities throughout the United States, they bring with th6m the sale of narcotics and the violence associated with it. This battle continued and by , the Piru Street Boys wanted to end the violence and called a meeting with other gangs that were targeted by the Crips.

Members of each gang were present at the talks. A video of the vigil shows dozens of gang members marching somberly toward the store. Negotiations with the 60s were also progressing. Hispanics in one area, Blacks in another, poor over here, rich over there.

The gang world is too complicated, with too many individual interests to appease, for ill feelings to be completely suppressed, said Wayne Caffey, a veteran detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

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The were known as cripples or crips for short. Afterward, people in red posed for photos next to others in blue.

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Los Angeles Crips and Bloods: Past and Present