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Television Ads: A Kishore Biyani spends a batch of money in trade name edifice exercising. This helps in better search and navigation and reduces buyer purchase time, thereby generating more profits. The way Big Bazaar is designed and the way the whole concept has developed reflects a sense of Indian day today lifestyle. It is a simple statement and yet it positioned at the top of Indian customers mind. Big Bazar uses the concept of Bundling where they make combo-packs and offer discounts to customers. Promotion: Large Bazaar has immense publicity budgets. Hence, the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Big Bazaar is not solely dependent upon competition and regulatory authorities. Future Group. This adds value to customers and increases sales thereby reducing their excess inventory.

More cash counters can always help and the employees should be fast enough to tackle such situations. Historically Exchange strategies have been used to bring on better gross revenues ; it besides has a strong entreaty with the Indian mentality of acquiring value even for their debris, states an official release from Big Bazaar.

Approachable destinations. So Large Bazaars can spread out the concern in smaller metropoliss as there is a batch of chance.

Big bazaar express stores in smaller towns measure around sq.

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It also has an objective of starting its operations in developing areas for gaining the benefits before the value of real-estate booms. Cook, S. Price in Marketing Mix of Big Bazaar Big Bazaar does not stick to anyone pricing strategy, but has multiple approaches, as its main objective is to achieve the maximum share of the market. It considers its discounted monetary value as its USP. Soon, Fashion at Big Bazaar commercial is aired. Hence the promotional strategy in the marketing mix of Big Bazaar is mostly a branding technique. Vishal Mega Mart does non confront these sort of jobs as its non overcrowded. Place: Big Bazar operates in most of the big cities and some small towns in India. Price: The objective is to maximize the market share. This in conjunction with multiple offers, sales, special discounts, season offs etc make purchasing from Big Bazaar lucrative. It has helped boost investments and provided massive job opportunities to Indians. Check can be highly slow: There can be seen a long waiting line on the charge counters doing the consumer delay for hours due to the slow service and the crowd. The retail chain was founded by Kishore Biyani under his parent organization Future Group, which is known for having a significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors. Big Bazar specially targets working women and home makers 18 6. Gupta, N.

Big Bazaar, with 25 old ages of experience in the field of weaving cloths, is the taking Apparels and manner design fabric company. It is besides really meaning to construct long-run relationship with all its stakeholders, which is really indispensable for a successful concern venture.

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Bargaining power of buyers 5. Big Bazaar specially target working women and home maker who are the primary decision maker. There are trueness strategies which reward regular clients. Big Bazaar, Brand endorsements by famous celebrities or sport stars also hit at the psychology of young customers because then they think if this famous personality is using it, we should try this too. Apart from its Metros, all stores are working greatly in their own tier 2 cities, and the stores are located in the busy streets and high populated areas. Big Bazaar provides good employee service i. Along with the different price reductions and offers it should pay attending towards the pupils and supply some offers for them besides because half of the Indian population is of young persons and pupils. Road-side Ads: A Big Bazaar bill-boards are displayed on premier locations in assorted metropoliss as a trade name edifice exercising.

Failings: A Overcrowded: During offers, publicities and even on weekends the topographic point is overcrowded with people and sometime even there is the state of affairs of shuting the shop due to it.

One is the advertizement which promotes the trade name and creates awareness towards people.

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Hence, the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Big Bazaar is not solely dependent upon competition and regulatory authorities.

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