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Identifying Key Performance Indicators for a specific business, organizing, comparing and evaluating them on the needed level, can be one of the most important parts of creating this kind of report. You can state them at the beginning of the report.

best annual reports 2018

Slicers Up to this point the two slicers had different formatting. Only add color if it improves comprehension. Figure Format a visual title Set the text size You can adjust text size for titles and data labels, but not for X- or Y-Axes or legends.

When you click on a specific part of the dashboard, you can easily access your data in a more in-depth approach.

As the months fly by, we see all the projects they have worked on. Circle back to the key question the case study raises and answer it.

What Are Business Reports? Attach supporting documentation, such as financial statements. The collaboration feature is also a nice extra, as it makes developing reports with a coworker easy—something most design tools don't include.

This annual report stands out for its design creativity and we love that!

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50 Unique & Creative Annual Report Design Examples to Inspire You