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Around the 9th century AD Islamization spread throughout Senegal due to the expansive trade routes throughout Western Africa.

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The mourning and burial of Modou was carried out according to tradition, and Ramatoulaye and her co-wife mourned together in one house as people visited to pay their respects. French colonialism came to Senegal in the s and enforced a separation of church and state.

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Polygamy is one thing that Aissatou repudiated without even considering or caring what society may and will say about her. Their sympathetic position with the woman folk is hinged on advocacy for legal and political apparatus that will bring about the needed change in issues of gender, justice, laws and politics in favour of the women.

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ISBN It is the same particularly of Senegalese society. Ramatoulaye, the protagonist, is writing to inform her childhood friend, Aissatou, of the death of her husband, Modou. Aissatou could not accept this and divorced him. Simians, cyborgs, and women: The reinvention of nature. This paper aimed at discussing the feminism, the role of woman, masculinity, divorce, , motherhood and widowhood. The letter is written while Ramatoulaye participates in 'iddah , a four month and ten day mourning process that widows of the Muslim Senegalese culture must follow. Arame, Yacine, and Dieynaba: Known as "the trio. Naolim defines feminism as an identity which rallies support for the claim of women for equal rights with men in the aspects of legal, political, economic, social and material matters giving them a source of self-worth as contributing members. Plot summary[ edit ] So Long a Letter is written as one long letter from the main character Ramatoulaye Fall to her best friend Aissatou following the sudden death of Ramatoulaye's husband Modou from a heart attack.

They are closely followed by the radical feminists who identify such social cum biological roles such as childbearing, gender image and sexual status as the basis of woman deprivation and relegation.

The Islamic religion has it that a woman is under the man and the woman must be subservient to the males. Thus, revitalization brings nuanced and novel approaches in the analysis of So Long a Letter.

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This strand of thinking asserts reworking in the meaning of the term masculinity. Bungaro, M. Although many people follow Muslim religion, Arabic culture is not practiced in Senegal nor is Arabic spoken as the language. This results in Ramatoulaye suffering silently inside and forcing her to adjust accordingly lest she crumbles. Anzaldua and Hill-Collins argue that: ''the norms, values and practices often spring from the dominant culture which seek to impose on everyone''. She represents a 'Spirit of Wisdom', but doesn't always give the best advice. Of all strands of feminist schools, cultural feminism appears foremost and generic interms of tracing the epistemological precept of the unfair treatment given to women the world over from the primordial time.

Daba: Ramatoulaye's and Modou's daughter.

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