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This interrelation is described by what we intuitively know as a subject. Scholars agree that the slave trade and later colonialism did not only play a major role in this relabelling but also served as the first stage of the African hair transformation for African Americans.

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Corbett J, Small Group Behavior, Bristol, PA: Falmar. The Black South African woman is believed to be subjected to triple forms of oppression regarding her race, class and gender Kunene Journalism Quarterly, 65, Media content analysis is often devoid of a theoretical base, or attempts too liberally to draw meaningful inferences about the relationships and impacts implied in a study. History provides very few examples of media presentations of the Black female hair in its natural state. It happens, when we have information in excess of the required content for the subject development. Within this dilemma of how African hair should be represented, have risen discourses within the media and amongst Africans as to what real Black beauty means. Computer content analysis of press coverage and prediction of public opinion for the sovereignty referendum in Quebec.

Black women who made the decision to stay natural did so when they learnt about the harmful effects of chemically altering their hair textures King and Niabaly The discourse appears as a coherent text; dialogue; group of statements, implicitly connected between each other; unit, which is bigger in size than a phrase, statement in the global sense, i.

Plan Forestal de Cantabria. The term "discourse" has a broad synonymy.

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For some cultural groups in Africa, the hair itself was believed to have spiritual powers and was thus used as an important ingredient for medicines and healing potions Johnson and Bankhead J Great Lakes Res 17 3 : Int J Environ Stud 9— This may mislead the public or adversely affect the socialisation of children. The association of personal achievement with positive feelings of the self and its social engagement makes the reader feel happy and have a sense of self-worth. Journal of Environmental Education. Hum Ecol Rev 7 2 : Media content analysis allows a closeness to the text which can alternate between specific categories and relationships and also statistically analyses the coded form of the text. How prevalent is X on certain types of programmes if X equals sex, violence, homosexuality, smoking, drug or alcohol use?

Van Dijke is sure that formation of mental models of readers i. In order to describe messages, capable to create the process of mass communication, it is necessary to explain the configuration of "an intrigue", contained in them, i.

The concepts of the first group are important in the course of the discoursive-analytical identification in the light of the answer to the following question.

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There is an assumption that the audience is simply a passive consumer of the message given out by mass media, and that there is no attempt made to examine how they actually interpret the text if this is the format mass media is presented in. An historical look at the mass media especially the entertainment industry and the advertising agencies indicates that the role it played has had a great effect on how Black women see themselves and their hair. Most of the work in the direction of the discoursive analysis and linguistics was done in Britain and Australia. It tended to ignore the prevalence of rape by partners and friends of victims and the wider context of patriarchal power within sex crimes. Smirnova, who analyzed discourse problems of drug addiction in the local media and many others. Contemporary research indicates that such awareness messages has encouraged more Black women to accept the natural state of their hair and to experiment with various styles and locks Pearle Social Science Computer Review, 18 3 : Pamplona, Spain. How prevalent is X on certain types of programmes if X equals sex, violence, homosexuality, smoking, drug or alcohol use?

This is despite the harmful effects such transformations have on the health of Black women and their hair. The result of the analysis brings to the spotlight the aim of the on-line tabloid to encourage the readers to see Black hair transformations and the use of various haircare products as an incentive for social acceptance on the one hand; and feelings of happiness, confidence and success on the other.

Simply counting the content of a media text tells you nothing about the context in which it takes place, or the broader meaning which the words or pictures convey.

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One of the important focuses of the text semantics research is the local text interrelation: how are single parts of the text connected with each other? Environmental communication and the public sphere. Williams J, It is van Dijke's opinion that aside from the relationship between sentences, the text also has a semantic uniformity, integrity. Soc Sci Comput Rev 15 4 : Rojas-Briales E, Media content analysis allows a closeness to the text which can alternate between specific categories and relationships and also statistically analyses the coded form of the text. How can a form of expression be used - as a tool of word manipulation, as an intermediary of power language or as a method to reach agreement and understanding? Such images are essential for post-Apartheid South African women who are rising out of poverty and are being represented in the professional sphere due to improved access to education and work opportunities Jaga et al. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. For many, having the right look increases not only their confidence and self-esteem, but also the possibilities of being socially accepted and qualifying to represent a higher social status Smith et al.

Other Black hair forms such as cornrows, natural hair or locks are not considered, thus leaving the viewers with only one definition of beauty. It suggests, that the position of the "white" elite is more important and reliable and that they have better access to media.

The media debate over the years has taken a different turn with many looking at the economic effect of Black hair product consumption.

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