Alliteration in poetry and prose

Scott Fitzgerald "My father brought to conversations a cavernous capacity for caring that dismayed strangers.


Mitchel of the Pennsylvania State University had participants read works of poetry and prose with alliterative sentences to show the importance of repetitive consonants on memory.

Instead they focus on creating a poetic structure through the use of sound. And every time he lost a shoe, Everyone looked awfully blue.

alliteration examples in literature

In several experiments, researchers R. And he shone bright, and on the right Went down into the sea.

Alliteration in poetry and prose

Alliteration is a literary device that repeats a speech sound in a sequence of words that are close to each other. The ice was here, the ice was there, The ice was all around: It cracked and growled, and roared and howled, Like noises in a swound!


Mother Goose poems typically contain a great deal of alliteration. That whisper takes the voice Of a Spirit, speaking to me, Close, but invisible, And throws me under a spell At the kindling vision it brings; And for a moment I rejoice, And believe in transcendent things That would make of this muddy earth A spot for the splendid birth Of everlasting lives, And this gaunt gray gallery A tabernacle of worth When you can barely see Across its hazed lacune If opposite aught there be Of fleshed humanity Or if the voice so near Be a soul's voice floating here. Do use occasional alliteration to suggest sounds, feelings, or emotions. That's what made these three free fleas sneeze. Alliteration creates a musical effect, creating rhythm, mood and motion while also imbuing sentences with beauty and a certain flow. And every time he told a joke, Folks sighed as if their hearts were broke. When it is, the results are not pretty. It might surprise you to learn that most modern poetry styles ignore rhyme all together. The results of all three experiments underscore the interaction between alliteration and memory. Take extra care with hard alliterations, which are usually more obtrusive than soft alliterations.

Edgar Poe often used alliteration in his poems, the most well-known examples are found in The Raven.

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Examples of Alliteration Poems