A review of bosniaa short history

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A triumph of narrative clarity, Bosnia: A Short History outlines and dispels the various myths of racial, religious, and political history which have so clouded the modern understanding of Bosnia's past.

On that basis, I judge him honest and sincere, at a minimum, and mostly credible. The historical progression helps to give an understanding of the development of the cultural, social, religious and political identity of Bosnia.

Serbs and Vlachs 7. The Jews and Gypsies of Bosnia Bosnian Catholics and Bosnian Orthodox Christians share nothing distinctive with inhabitants of Croatia or Serbia, except religion the more-or-less common language cuts across all religions; and there is no distinctive Bosnian or Serbian or Croation race.

Objectivity does not require neutrality.

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What went wrong in the country where Christians and Muslims mingled and tolerated each other for over five centuries?

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Bosnia: A Short History